Fundraising goals for football teams

Football league action got underway at the weekend – hope your teams did well – and of course the Premier League kicks off this Saturday.

Over 1,000 football teams raise funds with us, from Sunday league upwards, including kids teams, ladies teams – in fact every sort of football team, plus a lot of supporters trusts too.

And our football teams and trusts are some of the best performers in terms of fundraising, with many raising hundreds of pounds each quarter.  Traditionally football supporters are incredibly passionate about their teams and that’s why they make such good fundraisers – they support their team in everything they do.

So here’s how to get your fans behind you:

  • Teams often have a message board or forum where fans can exchange news and speculation and they are ideal for promoting the easyfundraising service. Many contributors add their easyfundraising web address to the bottom of each post and let fellow fans know when they’ve raised a donation. There’s nothing like real life examples of how easyfundraising works to get people motivated so use your forum to get the easy message across
  • The same goes for Facebook and Twitter. The people who follow your team’s Facebook or Twitter activities have chosen to do so because they have an interest in what you do. Use that interest and tell your followers how they can help you very easily.
  • Give your supporters a goal (no pun intended) that they can work towards and show them how they can achieve it. For example, “We need new footballs. They’ll cost £100. We can raise this today if 20 people sign up for a free trial with LOVEFiLM.”
  • Share our Facebook posts and retweet our tweets to your followers.  The more familiar they are with how the easyfundraising site works, the more likely they are to use it.
  • Remember, everyone likes a bargain, so although your supporters like raising funds for you, they’re more likely to shop if you pass on offers that you think they’ll like and let them know when there’s a voucher code that could save them a packet. They’ll thank you for it and you’ll see the benefit.
  • Download our posters and flyers and hand them out at matches, at social events, at training sessions – anywhere your supporters might be. (By the way, only the Administrator of your easyfundraising account can download the flyers so if that’s not you, you’ll need to ask the person who is.)

And of course these tips don’t just apply to football clubs – any cause can boost their funds this way.

Tell us how your team raises funds. Do you have any other tips? Add them in the comments box below.

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