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Get ready for Christmas with your festive fundraising pack

Christmas is coming and we can’t wait. We love the festivities but it’s also the biggest shopping period of the year. Millions will be shopping online in the run up to the big day, so it’s important you remind your supporters to shop through easyfundraising.

With more money being spent than at any other time of the year, this is the time to spread the word and make a real difference to your cause – you could raise £100s! To help you on your merry way we’ve got just the thing to help you – your Christmas fundraising tools.

Our Christmas fundraising pack contains festive themed posters and flyers, social media posts, emails, a fundraising calendar and more, so you can shout about your cause and make it a Christmas to remember.

If you want to print out a large number flyers, you can order 1000 A6 Flyers for only £15 from instantprint. They are also offering an increased donation of £6 for new customers until the end of Dec! 

Get your pack now

or download directly from our website.

18 thoughts on “Get your Christmas fundraising tools

  1. Hello Easyfundraising
    The Christmas pack sounds really good – unfortunately I can’t open it. Would it be possible to share it as a PDF or something more accessible than a zip file?
    Thank you.

  2. Hi, great fund raising pack! I love the calendar, but I can’t get the 1st link (October 5th) to work. The others seem ok though.

  3. The christmas pack looks interesting and id love to see it but I can’t open It?? Any chance it’s available in another format?

  4. Your Christmas pack looks great and really useful, but using an iPad I’m struggling to personalise some of the items. I’ll workaround this but thought you should know when making other promotional materials.

    1. Hi Julie,

      Sorry you’ve had problems personalising, I’ve fed this back to the team and we’ll think about how to make them more iPad friendly in the future.


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