Scare us and win £50 for your cause….

This competition has now closed – the winner is Claire Ingles. Claire wins a £50 donation from Argos to her cause, Monquhitter Parent, Baby & Toddler Group – Cuminestown.

No trick, you really can win a treat for your cause this Hallowe’en.

We’ve teamed up with Argos to bring you a spooktacular (sorry!) competition -send us your scary Hallowe’en photos and if we think yours is the best, Argos will donate £50 to your cause.

We’re looking for cute kids in costumes, scary masks, pumpkins, snaps from your hallowe’en party or even pics of your supporters dressed up for a spot of trick or treating.

Argos have a great range of Hallowe’en costumes for kids and adults, plus accessories to make your Hallowe’en partya screaming success.

So add your photos, tell us all about them and remember to tell us which cause you support – we’ll pick the winner on Monday November 8th. 

We’re ready and waiting to be terrified…..

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66 Responses to Scare us and win £50 for your cause…. - Leave your comment

  1. Angie Carter says:


    The Children’s Trust to win £50 please

  2. Angie Carter says:

    £50 for The Children’s Trust please

  3. Jaimie Lola Swann says:


  4. Emma Selby says:

    [img] Party 2009.jpg[/img]

  5. Emma Selby says:

    [img] Pic 066.jpg[/img]

  6. nicola anne duffy says:

    [img] disco 10 2009 081.JPG[/img]

  7. nicola anne duffy says:

    [img] disco 10 2009 084.JPG[/img]

  8. Andrea Knott says:

    Happy Halloween……
    [img] 2010.jpg[/img]

  9. Judy Stickney says:

    Armani wants to win £50 for The Little Dog Rescue to help other little dogs like her.

  10. These are just a few of the fantastic pumpkins carved last Friday by children and parents at Lakeside Primary School, Frimley, to support our fundraising Pumpkin Party. FoLPS would love to win the £50!

    [img] pumpkins 2.jpg[/img]

  11. More FoLPS pumpkins.

  12. FoLPS Pumpkin Party – just a few of the great carved pumpkins done by parents and children.

  13. Jimmy McCallum says:

    A Scottish Scary

  14. Jimmy McCallum says:

    He’s off his head!

  15. Claire Ingles says:


  16. Jimmy McCallum says:

    The Red Devil

  17. Teresa Turner says:

    Here is my daughter Dali trying to be scary enough to win £50 for Soi Dogs. Fingers crossed xxx

    [img] halloween 08.jpg[/img]

  18. Katie Black says:

    William scared us all at our fundraising halloween disco in aid of Friends of Staveley School

  19. jane mckay says:

    I support demelza house hospice for terminally ill children

    my halloween hubby!

  20. Varpu Ruohonen says:

    This Ghost was seen on the way to Lakeside Primary School to support our fundraising Pumpkin Party. FoLPS would love to win the 50 pou-whowhowhoo-nds! :o )

  21. Emma Selby says:

    I’m supporting Horbury Methodist Church


  22. Emily Scale says:

    Halloween Party I dressd up as Carrie
    I support Serenity Foundation

  23. Steven Healy says:

    help hillside tenants and residents association please please

    [img] (3).jpg[/img]

  24. Steven Healy says:

    Help Hillside tenants and residents association in Neilston


  25. Lesley Billis says:

    In aid of Animal Rescue Kos


  26. My Sister:- The wake of the dead!!

  27. Jennifer Halliday says:

    Elphaba and Glinda / Wicked Witch of the West, Good Witch of the North
    In support of The Cecilian Society


  28. Owen. says:

    Rage Arts gives people of all ages the opportunity to create their own productions using film,theatre and music.

    Through these productions participants gain self esteem/confidence and skills to help them take the next step in their life.


  29. Nonie Cavanagh says:

    My son Thomas (10) dressed up as a zombie last year.

  30. Nonie Cavanagh says:

    [img] .jpg[/img]
    My 2 year old daughter dressed as a witch for her preschool Halloween party at Charlesworth and Chisworth preschool.

  31. Nonie Cavanagh says:

    I dressed as a vampiress at last years Halloween party at Charlesworth and Chisworth preschool. I am raising funds for Charlesworth and Chisworth Preschool

  32. Amy Jones says:

    £50 for Oldies Club

    My ‘scary’ devil dog Louie – If looks could killl!!

  33. Alice Dolan says:

    [img] – Copy.JPG[/img]

    Percy the pumpkin would like £50 for My Voice London please!

  34. Judy Stickney says:

    Armani is Draculadog and wants to help The Little Dog Rescue by winning £50 to help save more little dogs like her.

  35. [img] 049.JPG[/img]

    Bassetlaw NCT

  36. Claire Annals says:

    my son will scare you THIS much for Bassetalw NCT to win the £50

  37. Lynne says:

    Please vote for Friends of Grangewood Association

  38. Lynne says:

    Pumpkins for the Friends of Grangewood Halloween Party

  39. Annya Stephens-Boal says:

    Enough to frighten those nasty DVTs away!

  40. gemma donald says:

    double trouble zombies ………..

  41. claire taylor says:

    Jack and Josephs pumpkins!


  42. Liz Burton says:

    We’d love The Children’s Trust to win

  43. Simon Earles says:

    For the childrens trust please.

  44. Rachel Groves says:

    For ME Association

  45. Rachel Groves says:

    For ME Assocation to win £50
    [img] 024.jpg[/img]

  46. Sacha Elsey says:

    Supporting RGSGS.


  47. Sacha Elsey says:

    In support of RGSGS


  48. kellyann partner says:


  49. Luke Tomlin says:

    Upwey & Broadwey Football Club


  50. Luke Tomlin says:

    Upwey & Broadwey Football Club

  51. [img][/img]
    Could he have got any messier?

  52. Katie says:

    20th Lancaster Brownies designed the pumpkins, and helped carve them!

  53. Lynn Doe says:

    £50 For Cancer Reasearch Please


  54. Mary Bradley says:

    Last Resort Dog Rescue Supporters having a hair raising time this halloween.

  55. dawnlouise millmoor says:

    I scared myself when I looked in the mirror!! – [img][/img]

    The cause I am supporting is PDSA – Pets In Need Of Vets

  56. tracey Nevitt says:

    Mummys getting involved…

  57. Clare Humes says:

    My 4 kids all ready for their halloween party and it was my sons 10th birthday on 31st October


  58. Supporting the Ally Cadence Trust for Spinal Muscular Atrophy – Giving help and support to families with SMA – the leading genetic killer of Under 2′s

  59. Kate Leech says:

    Voting for Shepherdswell Preschool!!

  60. Adele Baig says:

    Captured some ghosts at Temple Newsham.
    Supporting Leeds Esprit Gymnastics Club

  61. Irene Bowen says:

    Supporting Liverpool City Sea Cadets

  62. Irene Bowen says:

    Supporting Liverpool City Sea Cadets (help them get their mini bus)

  63. Angela says:

    A witch from East Calder Primary School


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