STEPS – well deserved winners

Our cause of the month for October just has to be STEPS, a small national charity supporting children and adults affected by a lower limb condition such as clubfoot or a hip condition.

We were overwhelmed by nominations for this charity; their supporters were keen to tell us how STEPS has made a difference to them.

 Here’s just a small selection of comments:

We were supported by STEPS when we got the devastating news that our daughter had a hip condition and would require years of surgery. I just don’t know what I would have done without them. I would love for them to be nominated as your October cause of the month and well done easyfundraising for taking the guilt out of shopping.  Oonagh Cassidy Keith

When my son was diagnosed with a club foot during a routine scan we were devastated. STEPS were able to ensure that we had the right information to start his treatment. He is now a happy 5 year old running around and would like to play for England! Can never thanks STEPS enough.  Matt Fletcher

When my baby sister had to have an operation, STEPS were there to help us all.  I can never thank them enough.  Robyn

STEPS children’s party

STEPS have been an amazing support to us through some of our darkest days in the last year – having your 5 year old diagnosed with DDH, seeing her through major orthapedic surgery and coping with her in extensive plaster is mind boggling to say the least but STEPS held our hand and we made it through. I would love to see them nominated for your cause of the month.  Stacey

STEPS were the only people who ever made me believe my son would walk. That’s a gift I can never repay.  Zoe B

The support that I have received from STEPS has enabled me to give the best possible care to my baby during a very difficult period in our lives. There is NO practial support in the community to care for children in hip spica casts and we have basically been left to our own devices… except for an enormous amount of care and support from the Steps charity. People whom we have never met, but who treat us like their family. I cannot stress enough how deserving this charity is.  Sunneva Thorpe

Our family has been supported by STEPS for the last 4 years. Without their help and the freindship of other parents through the very busy forum we would have been lost.  Penny Chapman

STEPS is a wonderful source of information and friendship for new mothers with afflicted babies and children, older young people and adults who have suffered lower limb problems. I myself have just found friends with a similar problem after 50 lonely years never meeting anyone with CDH/DDH, and I can now share information and advice with friends who have struggled just like me. Just Fantastic!  Evelyn Atholl Moir

No one knows of this charity until they need them and they are very much needed – so many children are diagnosed with hip dysplasia each year and STEPS provides a life line to parents. This charity needs more awareness, just like the hip condition. I couldn’t have coped when my daughter was first diagnosed without this charity.  Nicola Stagg

STEPS are thrilled to have won and say a big thank you to everyone who nominated them. Anna Dorman, Office and Finance Manager for STEPS said, “we are delighted to receive the donation from easyfundraising, as we receive little or no funding and are very reliant on supporters’ donations.  The money will help us to continue to support children and families affected by hip dysplasia, clubfoot and missing or shortened limbs, via our helpline, website, forum and our grant funding.”

I’m sure you’ll agree that STEPS are worthy winners this month. However I just have to say a big thank you to all the other causes that were nominated too. Have a look at their stories.

Please nominate your cause below as cause of the month for November – tell us why they should win and if they do, we’ll donate £150.

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