Bubbly Bex Is Kicking Cancer

In a nutshell we're raising funds for some cancer treatment for Rebecca Joyce. She’s had three years of therapies/treatments in an attempt to cure her Hodgkin’s Lymphoma including four unsuccessful chemotherapies, radiation and many, many alternatives. She was diagnosed nearly 3 years ago. The cancer, (or my little C as she likes to call it) being the stubborn liccle bugger that it is, has progressed through all of the treatments. But she's very determined, some say stubborn but she insists she will not be beaten.

The treatment we're aiming to pay for is called SGN35. The NHS will pay for four sessions, provided she has a donor stem cell transplant. But she may need up to 18 sessions. So we may be raising money for 12 sessions and at £7000 per session that's a lot of money we think you'll agree!

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