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Cricket for Change is the leading UK charity using sport to tackle social issues and change young lives. We use sport to unlock an individual’s potential by developing and measuring the changes in their perspective, their perception of themselves, their perception of others, their motivation and decision making. By focusing on mentoring, building and developing trust, encouraging and supporting personal development growth, can create meaningful opportunities to help realise their desires and aspirations where they can then celebrate in graduating to a more sure foundation of further training, education or employment. Our expertise is diverse but all with the objective of using sport for development of young people who are disadvantaged by poverty, gender, ethnic origin or disability. We use cricket to help young people develop their potential, build confidence in themselves, break down fears of the wider world. Cricket for Change also specialises in capacity building other organisations in a variety of locations across the world to mirror our ground breaking work in the UK. Many of these are designed to develop positive relationships between groups of young people from different ethnic, religious and cultural backgrounds through the game.

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