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£811.27 has already been raised by other supporters to help the school.
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Top Fundraisers Amount Raised
1. Michelle B.£136.59
2. Sasha R.£124.45
3. Anonymous£100.70
4. Claire L.£96.20
5. April T.£57.75
6. Arianna R.£55.91
7. Jo D.£44.54
8. Claire L.£29.20
9. Anonymous£25.63
10. Anonymous£16.40
Top PTAs Amount Raised
1. Bleasby School Friends…£11,138.91
2. Belmont Primary School…£6,763.43
3. Holland House & Town School…£6,039.44
4. Southfield Primary School - W4£5,789.53
5. Wood End School PTA£5,559.29
6. Holy Trinity C of E Primary…£5,196.80
7. Pate's Grammar School…£5,145.90
8. Friends of Our Lady of…£4,993.63
9. St Paul's Parents Association…£4,942.21
10. Benhall Infant School…£4,774.99
723. Garden Fields School - St Albans£811.27

Total raised by Garden Fields School - St Albans


Total raised by all PTAs


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