Inshore Search And Rescue Midlands

The Charity’s objectives are:

(a) To protect and preserve life and property in the area of benefit by the provision and maintenance of a rescue service with, in particular, specialist skills in water-bourne rescue, to assist Local Authorities, Government Departments, County Council’s and National Authorities in their provision of emergency services.

(b) To advance public education in water-bourne rescue and activities in particular, but without prejudice to the generality of the foregoing, by provision of training and training courses.
The area of benefit is defined as being the Midlands and surrounding Counties, and any other canal’s, rivers, water course, ponds, lakes, reservoirs and estuaries of CAT A, B, C and or D water where assistance is or may be required, but without geographic limitation.
The area of secondary benefit is defined as any coastal waters of the UK within 5 miles of a safe haven.

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