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Kendall United Junior Football Club

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Kendall United Junior Football Club

Kendal United JFC prides itself on being a club that puts the health and welfare of members at the top of our priority list. We take a holistic view of this in that not only do we want players to be active and physically fitter, we want them to enjoy themselves, develop social skills, increase in confidence and think about their responsibilities as team members. We have an inclusive policy which means that all players will get a game sometimes and that all players will be encouraged and supported in their desire to play football. Players and managers alike move through the ranks of KUJFC knowing that whilst good results are commendable, loyalty, team spirit and continuity are what make for a better football experience.

We are a football association approved club with full constitution, development plan child protection policy etc.

Our dressing rooms are dilapidated and in desperate need of replacement and are therefore in the middle of a huge fundraising campaign. We would really appreciate any support we can get.

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