If you’re eager to do your bit for charity but are unsure where to start, we can help.

At easyfundraising, we’re dedicated to helping those in need, and so far we’ve raised over £9 million in donations across the UK. For us, this is just the start; with your help we can’t wait to see this total get higher and higher!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does easyfundraising work?

When you make a purchase with one of our 2,700+ participating retailers, as a thank you for shopping, the retailer provides a donation for you to give to your chosen good cause. You choose which good cause to give it to. Retailers include Amazon, John Lewis and eBay.

Can I raise donations for my own good cause?

Yes, you can register your own good cause for free, provided that you're based in the UK and have unselfish goals. You don't have to be a registered charity, it could be a personal challenge, the girl guides or scouts, your child's school, and much more.

I can't find the good cause I want to support, can I invite them to join?

You can ask any good cause to join easyfundraising. It's free for them to join - they simply need to register with us.

Is easyfundraising is free to use?

Yes, easyfundraising is completely free for good causes and supporters.

How often will my good cause receive a payment?

easyfundraising sends payments to good causes every 3 months. The minimum payment is £15 - if your cause doesn't manage to raise that amount in the given period, we'll simply carry it forward to the next payment cycle.

Do I need to visit the easyfundraising website before making a purchase?

Yes, you do need to visit the easyfundraising website or use our app before making a purchase to ensure the donation will be collected. However, if you want to make things easy for yourself, simply install our donation reminder, which automatically detects when you visit a retailer's site, so you don't have to remember to visit our website beforehand.

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