Gift Aid It

Turn every £1 donation into £1.25 with Gift Aid

If your chosen cause is a registered charity or a member of CASC, you can now claim Gift Aid on the donations you raise via easyfundraising.

Providing you are a basic rate taxpayer (20%), HMRC will add 25p to every �1 you raise which means you can really boost the amount your cause receives, without it costing you a penny more.

If you search for your cause, then click on 'more info', if you see the gift aid logo your cause is eligible to receive gift aid.

I'm a Cause Administrator - how do we claim Gift Aid?

For more information about Gift Aid, please visit the HMRC's website:

I'm a supporter - how do I claim Gift Aid?

If your cause is eligible to receive Gift Aid, we'll inform them that you would like them to reclaim the tax on your donation.**

I'm a higher rate tax payer - can I claim Gift Aid?

Gift Aid only applies to the basic rate of tax (20%). This will happen automatically once you have ticked the box on your settings page. However, if you pay a higher rate of income tax, the sum after tax will be donated to your cause. You can claim the difference between the basic rate of tax and your highest rate and either keep this relief or donate it back to charity.

You can use the information on your easyfundraising account page in your tax return and make the claim from HMRC.

* If your cause receives easyfundraising payments through Just Giving, they will claim it on your behalf. If they receive payments directly through easyfundraising, we will provide you with the information to claim it back from HMRC.

** Please note, the amount you have raised via Gift Aid will not be show in your easyfundraising donation history

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