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An essential part of school life is pupils learning to raise funds for their desired activity or cause. It can instil hard working values in the people raising the funds as well as a sense of achievement when they eventually reach their goals and target amount. Fundraising ideas for school activities or events will help the cause get off the ground, especially considering today’s credit crunch and financial uncertainty. Having such limited time to raise funds and come up with great ideas can be tricky but we have listed below some good fundraising ideas for school causes that you could use.

School fundraising has come a long way from cake sales, but an interesting twist on this may be to ask different classes to bake a different type of cake. This can help build up a variety of different types of cake as well as getting the whole school involved and are perfect to be sold during break and lunch times. This can be extended to creating a cook book or any other kind of similar helpful book of ideas that can be printed and sold and distributed throughout the school.

A dramatised performance or music event can also help raise funds by planning an after school event in the evening like a concert, play or dance. You can raise funds by charging for admission; whilst at the same time enhancing the pupil’s creativity, encouraging support and exposing their talent.

Another simple idea is raising funds for your school through Register your school and simply get parents, teachers and the local community to shop direct with their favourite online stores as they would usually and for every purchase made funds can be raised. Up to 15% of every purchase can be raised and donated to your school and its cause.

How does it work?

You will shop with each retailer directly as you would normally, but by simply using the links from each purchase will generate a cash back donation. There is no extra cost and in some cases up to 15% can be raised from purchases making it one of a number of great fundraising ideas for school causes that can earn welcome donations. Note that your school will receive the entire 100% of the donations.

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