School fundraiser ideas

In light of the current economic downturn, all sectors, both public and private, are feeling the pinch. Schools are definitely no exception. Budgets are being stretched to the limits and often, teachers, students, parents, and even the school administration will have to find creative ways to raise extra money. Fundraising is a great way to accomplish a financial goal and in a relatively short amount of time.

If your school is looking for a few fantastic ways to raise capital, there are plenty of school fundraiser ideas. Tried and trusted fundraisers like cake sales and car washes usually yield guaranteed results year after year. It is best practice to set clear goals and objectives of the fundraising and then think about suitable, fun and unique fundraising ideas to help reach the target. If for example you decide to sell various products at a fair or bazaar, it is important to understand what percentage of the sales the school will receive.

Listed below are some terrific ways to earn donations and school fundraiser ideas to get you started:

Is are a free service that provides schools and various causes with donations from online purchases at leading online retailers. This is a simple and free fundraising idea, which can be carried out all year round and requires nothing more from consumers and online shoppers than what they would normally do when shopping from their favourite online store. By using the links on the website the online stores can pay a portion of your purchase up to 15% of your purchase to the school or organisation of your choice. Signing up your school with is free and easy. The more users that sign up the better your level of donation should be!

Live Auctions

Here, you can get everyone involved from the students to the staff and even the parents. They can decide what items to donate to the auction. You may also consider trying to acquire a professional auctioneer who will donate his time for the fund-raising event.

Bake & Cake Sales

This is a popular school fundraiser ideas and a great activity to get pupils and parents involved with. Cakes can be sold during break or lunch times as well as at fairs, bazaars or other events.


Bingo is also a popular way for schools to raise money. It is easy, fun, and the school can pocket the vast majority of the funds raised. You may also want to try contacting different retailers and local businesses to see if they would like to donate prizes.

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