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Expired QVC offers, deals and vouchers

  • Every day from 12am QVC offer one item at an incredibly low price - for 24 hours only. Check it out each day and see how much you can SAVE!

    Added: Mon 12 Nov 2012 | Expires: Sun 31 Mar 2013

  • Christmas is in full swing at QVC. They have lots of new and amazing beauty products ready for the festive season that are already live on

    Added: Thu 25 Oct 2012 | Expires: Tue 25 Dec 2012

  • The Elemis Winter Skincare Secrets Collection Was £56.50, today just £46.48!
    The brand new exclusive launch of Elemis’s Evening Blooms Soothing Body Oil is an intensively nourishing body oil is exquisitely fragrance with Jasmine, Ylang Ylang and Sweet Vanilla to delight the senses and envelop the skin with their evocative fragrance. It deeply moisturises, soothes and conditions the skin.

    Added: Sun 02 Dec 2012 | Expires: Sun 02 Dec 2012

  • Celebrate Christmas at QVC with great offers from great brands. Plus click here for our Today’s Special Value deal!

    Added: Mon 05 Nov 2012 | Expires: Sun 11 Nov 2012

  • The Emu Melba Boot is the Today's Special Value at QVC for just £124.32
    *Subject to availalbility

    Added: Tue 06 Nov 2012 | Expires: Tue 06 Nov 2012

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