“When I signed up to easyfundraising it sounded too good to be true - raising funds for my good cause by spending money I would have spent anyway!”

Lesley Syme, Killin Dramatic Club

Lesley Syme, Killin Dramatic Club
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    OCTOBER 2007


    I buy quite a lot online so once I'd registered with easyfundraising, it was great to see the funds start to mount up. I started to tell my friends in Killin Dramatic Club to sign up to easyfundraising too.

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    AUGUST 2008

    Buying business supplies

    One of our supporters asked his manager if he could buy his business supplies through easyfundraising and the funds accumulated fast with flights, hotels and stationery purchases. He was impressed at the large range of business retailers on the easyfundraising website, like Viking, Dell, Aviva, Expedia and thetrainline.com, to name a few.

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    AUGUST 2009

    Handing out flyers

    I printed out flyers from the easyfundraising website and handed them out at our AGM which was a great way of spreading the word and encouraging new supporters to sign up.

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    NOVEMBER 2011

    Find & Remind

    I downloaded Find & Remind and discovered it's a brilliant way of reminding myself to use easyfundraising as it tells you when a donation is available when you're shopping online. I emailed all my friends to tell them to download it too so they don't miss valuable donations.

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    The Future

    We've got 18 supporters and have raised over £1,300; my aim is to get to £1,500 this year! The money we've raised through easyfundraising has helped us buy a trailer, scaffold tower, amazing ladder and radio mikes. I've found that now our supporters are used to shopping via easyfundraising, the funds keep mounting up each year. As an active drama club we have constant demands on our funds for new equipment and costumes so easyfundraising is a huge help!

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