Invite a friend and raise £1

We’ll donate £1 to your cause for every friend you invite using your unique invitation link.

  • Share the link

    1. Share the link

    Click on the options above to share a link via Facebook, Twitter and email.

  • Your friends sign up

    2. Your friends sign up

    Your friends click on the link and sign up to easyfundraising.

  • You raise £1 per friend

    3. You raise £1 per friend

    Once they have made a donation on easyfundraising, we give you £1.

Tell a good cause and raise ££'s

Invite a new cause to sign up and we'll give you an extra 20% of the total amount they raise in their first 12 months!

About these offers

All referral rewards come from easyfundraising so no one loses out. To qualify for a referral reward new supporters and causes must be new registrations. To find out more please read our terms and conditions.

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