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Shop and Raise

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Shop and Raise


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3,600+ Online retailers
£26 Million Raised
1.6 Million Supporters
140,000 UK causes

What makes us different?

We’ve been working with Parentkind exclusively to offer PTA members a new fundraising service. We are the first platform to support PTAs with a FREE all in one service and unlike other fundraising platforms we don’t charge a commission fee, set up fee or monthly charges on donations you receive – we want PTAs to get all the benefits of fundraising in one place.

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0% No commission
0% No set-up fee
0% No monthly charges
One Place Fundraising all in one place


"You have told us that you wanted a cost-effective way to fundraise online. After 18 months of development work with our partner easyfundraising, Parentkind is delighted to launch this new platform for our members. As well as being a one-stop-shop for retailer and event fund raising and managing donations, this is also one of the cheapest platforms out there! So now your PTA community can raise even more money to supercharge our children’s education."

Michelle Doyle Wildman, Acting CEO, Parentkind

PTA Chair

"The new ways to fundraise from easyfundraising will help us get more parents involved in our PTA community. It's great to have all of our fundraising activity all in one place. It's really going to help us raise more."

Rachel, PTA Chair

About our fundraising services

Shop and Raise

Shop and Raise

  • Continue to raise FREE donations when you shop online with over 3,600 retailers
  • Improved PTA page – customise your page, tell your story & raise more awareness
  • Improved reporting and analytics - keep track of all your donations & see which parents are raising
  • Add the donate and fundraising button
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You can now add a donation button to your easyfundraising PTA page. It’s mobile-friendly and easy to use, and parents can choose the amount they want to give. They can even set up regular monthly payments too!

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Our fundraising pages allow parents to set up their very own page to raise money for the PTA. Whether it’s a parachute jump, a sponsored silence or even a gruelling marathon, they can raise donations by asking friends and family to sponsor them, and we send the donations directly to your PTA.

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New fundraising features


Reporting and Analytics

Your PTA can access easy to use reports that will tell you which parents are raising funds. You’ll be able to see how much they’re raised and how they’ve done it: through shopping, donating or through their own fundraising page. It’s now even easier to say a BIG THANK YOU and for you to keep track of all your donations.

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How we compare

Unlike other sites like JustGiving and GoFundMe, we won’t charge a commission on the donations you receive, making us one of the best value fundraising platforms in the UK.

Set-up Fee Commission Fee Card Processing Fee Amount received per £100 raised
0% 0% 1.4% + 20p £98.40
£15per month + VAT (Raised under £15k) 5% 1.25% £93.75
£159 one off payment + VAT 2% 1.45% £96.55
£0 0% 2.9% + 25p £96.85
Closing in June 2019

Frequently asked questions

Since 2005 easyfundraising has helped thousands of Parentkind PTAs to raise free funds through its shopping platform. Parents and other supporters can raise free donations for the PTA when they shop online with over 3,600 retailers.

easyfundraising and Parentkind have been working together to develop additional value for members. We are excited to announce that member PTAs will now have access to two new ways to raise money plus the option to upgrade to a new look PTA page with your own content, images and fundraising total. Your new look page allows you to really tell the story of your school, why fundraising is important and show parents all the ways they can support you.

You can still raise funds by shopping as normal through the easyfundraising.org.uk site, but now supporters have the option of raising more funds in the following ways:

  1. Donate - supporters can make a one-off or monthly donation of any amount they choose with a credit or debit card in support of your project.
  2. Fundraising Pages - supporters who participate in sponsored events or challenges to raise money can now set up a fundraising page in support of their school eg a sponsored skydive to raise money for your school.

Your Cause Administrator will need to submit some additional information about your PTA. This is because easyfundraising needs certain information from your PTA in order to allow donations through credit and debit cards. So before you start, make sure you have access to the following info:

Your school logo
Your school address
Bank/payment details
Your easyfundraising log in details

There are 5 simple steps to getting your new features:

  1. Firstly, the existing easyfundraising Cause Administrator for your PTA needs to login to begin the process. If you don’t know who your Cause Administrator is, contact support@easyfundraising.org.uk and the easyfundraising team will be happy to help.
  2. The Cause Administrator will need to provide some basic info about your PTA such as the name, and address of the PTA/school.
  3. The next step is to submit your payment information to make sure that donations reach you correctly. This is typically the bank account details for your PTA (it needs to be a UK bank account in the name of the PTA). You’ll also need to provide details of someone who will be responsible for funds raised including their name, address and date of birth. This can be the Chair or Treasurer for example. It does not necessarily need to be the Cause Administrator.
  4. It can take up to 48 hours for easyfundraising to verify these details and once they have, the new functions will become available.
  5. You can then access the new Page Builder tool - this is your chance to get across why your PTA need support and what you are raising for. You can include images to really bring your cause story to life; we’ll give you plenty of tips.

This additional information is needed to ensure easyfundraising can set up the necessary payment processes for credit and debit card payments to your PTA. Easyfundraising will then verify the information provided before access to the new Donate and Fundraising Pages capability is available to use.

Once you’ve upgraded to the new features, easyfundraising will migrate the amount raised to date across to your new page, as well as the supporters of your cause.

You can then share the new cause page to new and existing supporters.

The easyfundraising team are on hand to help with any questions you might have. Just email them at support@easyfundraising.org.uk and they’ll be happy to help.

Why are only a limited number of PTAs being invited to participate?

The changes to the easyfundraising website represent a new and exciting way for PTAs to raise money and as an existing easyfundraising user, you’ve been selected for early access to help us ensure the new features are working as effectively as possible. Your feedback is going to be really important for us so that we can continue to develop and adapt to best support PTAs in their fundraising activity.

Enter 000000 if you do not have access to the HMRC number and you will be able to continue.

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