5 More Ways to Raise More Money For Your School or PTA


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If you’ve done our 3 Super Simple Steps to Sign Up Supporters For Your School or PTA Now and you’ve got a little more time on your hands (once in a blue moon, but trust us it’ll be worth it!).

Here’s 5 actions to getting those vital funds rolling in.

1. Demo

Give a short demonstration at your next school or PTA meeting, to show just how easy it is to raise free donations the easyfundraising way.  Try using this presentation we’ve put together for you.

2. Update your website

Add a link to your PTA page or school website. We’ve put together some online assets and a ready-made webpage to explain exactly how easyfundraising works. Give these to your web administrator and they’ll know what to do!

3. Email

Arrange for the school to email parents and teachers, explaining the benefits of easyfundraising. If possible, the best time to send these out is on a Sunday evening as parents are more likely to be online.

4. Flyers

We’ve put together some flyers to explain to parents all about easyfundraising, drop them in book bags, homework diaries and new starter packs.

5. Thank you!

Say thank you, it’s powerful! Let your supporters know how much has been raised to date and the real difference the money is making to your school.

Help other schools and PTAs get better at fundraising and share your top tips in the comments below.