5 Online Games Perfect for Toddlers

Online games perfect for toddlers

Online games perfect for toddlers

With more and more children becoming introduced to the internet quicker than before, games are no longer confined to the spaces inside a cardboard box. Going online opens up a whole new world of gaming possibilities for your children, many of them with multiple advantages, teaching them everything from English and math, to sign language and basic skills; all in fun and exciting ways of course.

Here’s our list of five of the best:

1. Sprout

Featuring a whole host of different children’s favourites, from Sesame Street to Barney and Friends, this website provides a wide variety of different gaming opportunities for the little ones. Here they’ll find everything from interactive games and colouring pages to crafts and games featuring the previously mentioned favourites; hours, if not days, of fun in one website. This website is also great for parents, as you can learn about new games, free live events, special programming and activities, which may be ideal for your child.

Website: http://www.sproutonline.com/

2. Free Rice

This free game allows children to take part in various educational games, ranging from grammar and geography to literature and vocabulary, where they’ll answer multiple choice questions. Once questions are answered correctly, 10 grains of rice are donated to various developing and third world countries, by the United Nations World Food Programme. The money for this is paid for by the various sponsors of the website for advertisements. So not only will they be learning and having fun, but also helping others less fortunate than them.

Website: http://freerice.com/#/english-vocabulary/1500

3. Starfall

This isn’t just a one stop game, it’s a fantastic website designed to help children with their education through the power of fun and playful games. With simple, interactive activities, children can improve upon, or in fact learn, their ABC’s or how to read. But that’s not all; children can also learn baby sign language from a variety of different sign language lessons.

Website: http://www.starfall.com/

4. NeoPets

This game is a great way to allow children to look after a pet before you decide to introduce a real life animal into the home. The website allows children to create an account, where they can actually have up to four pets, who all live in the virtual world of Neopia. Once this is done, they can play a variety of different games and compete in contests, where they’ll earn Neopoints (beware, Neocash costs actual money), which they can use to purchase toys, food and accessories for their virtual pets.

Website: http://www.neopets.com/

5. Funbrain Jr.

This isn’t just games, or in fact just a website, it’s actually part of a much wider Family Education Network, which has been designed to help young children develop math, literacy and problem learning skills. This is all done through the wide variety of fun packed interactive games, stories and printable activities.

Website: http://www.funbrainjr.com/