5 tried and tested tips to boost your fundraising

These tried and tested tips will help you sign up more supporters and raise more money for your good cause.

1. How it works

Understand how easyfundraising works, that way you’ll be able to answer any questions new supporters have.

2. Cause page

Share you cause page on Facebook at 8am or 6pm on a weekday. Whether you’ve got a page, group or profile, your supporters are more likely to be using Facebook at this time.

3. Email

Email your donors, service users, parents, friends and family on a Sunday evening, people are likely to have a little more time to read through and act. Use this email template.

4. Thank supporters

Say thank you! It’s powerful.  Check your cause stats and let people know how much has been raised and the real difference their support makes.

5. Get the app

Download the easyfundraising app on your mobile and next time you’re telling someone about easyfundraising, get your phone out and they can sign up there and then!

What’s your proven easyfundraising tip? Let us know in the comments.