7 simple workouts you can do at home

home workout

In today’s world, most of us lead busy, busy lives. We’re being bombarded with messages about the importance of keeping fit and in shape.

The problem is, many of us simply don’t have the time to be hitting the gym three times a week or joining the local running club. If only you could keep fit in your living room huh? Guess what, you can!

Here’s our 7 simple workouts you can do without even stepping out of the front door.

There are some people who can roll out of bed at 7, be in the gym for 8 and at their desk for 9. For most of us it isn’t that easy.

Being a parent, commuting, working long hours, studying – these things all eat into our time. Perhaps you’re someone who just doesn’t feel comfortable in a gym or out jogging. Don’t worry, this is incredibly common. It can act as a huge barrier to many people when it comes to exercise, and we know it needn’t be.

1. Star jumps

Everyone knows these. You probably remember them as the go-to P.E warm up at primary school. They get a bad rep because of this, when in actual fact they’re a great way of burning calories. Just in case you need reminding –

-Stand with your feet shoulder width apart and arms close to your body

-Squat down, bending at the knee before exploding back upwards

-As you do, leave the ground and extend all of your limbs outwards

-Bring your limbs back in to take the impact as you land

We recommend doing a few minutes of these once a day.

2. Supermans

No, this one doesn’t involve flying unfortunately. It is however, a really simple workout that’s great for toning your abs. To do it-

-Lie flat on your stomach, legs together and outstretched behind you, arms together and outstretched in front

-Exhale. Raise your arms and legs a few inches of the floor at the same time. Keep your head down at all times and your spine flat, it should be your shoulders and pelvis doing the work

-Gently inhale, slowly bringing your arms and legs back down into their starting position.

We recommend doing a few sets of these as part of a circuit two or three times a week.

3. Push-up

These are pretty infamous. Not everyone can do them right away, but stick with it and they’ll be a breeze in no time.

-Get into a hands and knees position. Legs flat on the floor from the knees downwards, hands flat to the floor and arms straight holding up your torso

-stretch out one leg at a time, parallel with your torso. Only your toes should be touching the floor, your arms now taking most of your weight

-Bend at your elbows bringing your body down to just above the floor. Your torso and legs should stay totally rigid and your head straight

-Press back upwards through your arms straightening (but not locking) the elbows with your body staying rigid throughout.

Repeat this as many times as you can do up to 12. Do three sets of it a handful of times a week and you’ll be toning up your body in no time.

4. Forward lunge

As far as a leg workouts go, this one is pretty kind. It tones tons of muscles in the body and should get the heart rate going a little. To do it-

-Stand up straight with your legs together, pull your shoulder blades towards your hips and brace your spine

-Step one foot well out in front, lifting it well up of the floor as you do, keeping your balance with the other foot.

-Time to step into the lunge. Lower your hips downwards yet not outwards, bending at your out-stepped knee. Keep going until your out-stepped thigh is angled parallel to the floor

-Push yourself back to your starting position using the front leg

Do 8-10 of these, switching the leg each time to make up one set. Do three sets in a row a few times a week.

5. Jump rope/Skipping

You can do this one from home, but we recommend stepping out into the garden, garage or at the very least away from the ornaments! It will also require you to buy a rope, but if you look in the right sports shops these can be brilliantly cheap. It’s a great way of toning up the body whilst getting the heart pumping. Just in case you need reminding how to do this one-

-stand straight holding the rope in both hands, hands pointing to the ground but angled slightly away from your body, the rope should be dragging on the floor behind you.

-Using the shoulders and wrists in a circular motion, whip the rope fast over your head and bring it round in front of you

-As the rope comes to pass beneath your feet, jump! And keep going.

This is a great exercise you can do every day. We recommend 50 jumps a set for beginners progressing to 100 jumps a set eventually. Do three sets.

6. Step-ups

This one’s so simple you can do it using your bottom step at home. If you live in a flat or bungalow, use any small platform you have that can take your weight. Failing this you can buy a platform from sports shops and they’re fairly inexpensive. To do it-

-Place foot A entirely on a step, and follow it by stepping up with foot B

-Wait for a second before stepping back down with foot B, with foot A following just behind

-Step back up with foot A and repeat

Remember to switch leading food each time you do a set of these. We recommend doing around 12 to 20 in each of three sets as part of a daily routine. The great thing about this one is the way in which you can advance it by holding weights in your hands once it starts to feel easy!

7. Burpees

These are a great mini-workout for when you’re ready to take things up a notch. They’re not easy but make for a great cardio workout. All you need to do is-

-Stand tall with your feet in line with your hips.

-Bend both knees, swing your arms backwards and drive yourself off the ground as far as is possible

-Make a gentle landing before bending at the knees and placing your hands on the floor just in front of you

-Jump as far back with your feet as you can, so that when they land your body is in a straight plank position, slightly diagonal to the floor

-Lower your chest to perform a push-up

-Jump your feet back in then bring your hands up and stand. Repeat from here.

If you can, do as many of these as you can in a minute, but don’t worry if you can’t quite make it to a minute yet. We recommend doing these around 3 times a week. They make for a great cardio and muscle workout.


Now you know just a handful of the many easy, simple and quick workouts you can do in the kitchen while dinner’s cooking or on the floor beside the bed when you roll out in the morning, all you need to find is a few minutes and the motivation!

Keeping fit doesn’t have to take hours and cost money, and if you stick to our guide you’ll be seeing and feeling the results in weeks.