9 Space Saving Hacks for Small Kitchens

space saving hacks for small kitchens

Space saving hacks for small kitchens

The kitchen, as many of us know, is the heart of the home.

But despite being a renowned gathering space at parties, or before an evening out, many of us suffer with the issue of minimal kitchen space.

But there are various little hacks you can implement to make the most out of what you have. Here are nine of our favourites, to ensure your kitchen has as much potential as the next.

1. Extra Storage Inside Cupboards

Your cupboards are obviously where you’ll store the majority of your kitchen supplies, so why not optimise the backs of the doors? You could install hooks, for cleaning items or measuring cups, or mini spice racks – the list is almost endless.

2. Use the Side of the Cupboard

If your cupboard has a flat surface on its side, which isn’t covered by anything, you could use this to install your own shelves, wire racks or hooks to store any number of kitchen appliances.

3. Make Your Own Worktops

When you have minimal space to prepare meals, things can often get a little untidy and overbearing at times. Therefore you can make your own worktops in the shape of wooden chopping blocks, which can be placed over the sink or cooker hobs, when not in use, to give you that extra space you need for food preparation.

4. Magnetic Storage on Fridges

If the side of your fridge is exposed, then you can utilise this just like the side of your kitchen cupboard. Buy some magnetic shelves, or wire baskets, which can be used for holding any number of little kitchen ingredients; a make shift spice rack could even be created.

5. Magnetic Knife Rack

If you’ve got an empty space on your wall then fit a magnetic knife rack, this way you eliminate the need for a knife block; in turn freeing up some more worktop space.

6. Optimise the Wall

If you happen to have an entire wall free, then this can act as the perfect storage spot. Introduce a pegboard you can attach to the wall, and in turn attach hooks, where you can hang pots, pans and kitchen utensils.

7. Open Fake Drawers

We all know the annoyance of going to open a drawer, only to discover it’s for decorative purposes only. Well, with a handy bit of DIY work, you can take these out and turn them into fold out drawers with a small storage compartment on the back; perfect for cleaning products.

8. Extra Shelves

So you’ve made a new drawer, so why not add some more shelves? Across the top of your kitchen you may find a lot of empty space, so install some shelves across here. You can then use this to store everything from crockery to pots and pans, and larger kitchen items like slow cookers.

9. More Extra Shelves

Whilst we’re on the topic of shelves, optimise the shelf space in your cupboard by buying collapsible shelves to go inside. This will allow you to fit as many pots and pans, bowls, plates and mugs, along with anything else, in your cupboards without all that dead space floating about.

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