Frequently Asked Questions – Around the World in 7 Donations


Around the World in 7 Donations – what is it?

It’s our travel challenge, designed to reward our good causes and charities with a bonus donation when their supporters book holidays, flights, ferries or accommodation through easyfundraising. The bonus donations begin at 5% and could grow to a whopping 20% (0% if no one books a trip, sorry folks) depending on how far the good cause gets on their Around the World in 7 Donations map.

The map starts at London before a travel booking has been made, the more bookings made, the further the cause gets and the bigger the bonus donation earned!

Bonus donations – how do these work?

There are seven different bonus donation amounts up for grabs, ranging from 5% all the way up to 20%.

Each supporter has the chance to unlock one donation bonus and they can do this by booking their travel through easyfundraising. The bonus donation you get at the end is a percentage of the total donation amount collected from the first seven travel bookings made during the challenge.

So, for example:

Supporter Booked Collected Unlocked Reached Bonus Donation
1st booking by Tom Flight £10 5% bonus donation Rome on the map £0.50
5% of £10
2nd booking by Jane Package holiday £50 10% bonus donation Cairo on the map £6
10% of £60 (£10+£50)
3rd booking by Steve Hotel £5 12% bonus donation Dubai on the map £7.8012% of £65 (£10+£50+£5)
4th booking by Lucy Ferry £3 14% bonus donation Bangkok on the map £9.52
14% of £68 (£10+£50+£5+£3)
5th booking by Ian Holiday park £25 16% bonus donation Sydney on the map £14.88
16% of £93 (£10+£50+£5+£3+£25)
6th booking by Trevor Cruise £42 18% bonus donation Rio on the map £24.30
18% of £135 (£10+£50+£5+£3+£25+£42)
7th booking by Mary Romantic getaway £26 20% bonus donation New York City on the map £32.20
20% of £161(£10+£50+£5+£3+£25+£42+£26)


Seven supporters – what happens if more than seven supporters book travel?

The first seven supporters to book travel will earn the bonus. If another supporter books travel after the first seven, they will still collect a free donation, but they won’t earn a bonus donation and their donation will not count towards the final bonus donation amount.

Track donations – how do I do this?

We’ve created a personalised map for your cause here, so you can keep track of their donation journey. The more supporters who book, the further they’ll move on our map, the bigger their final donation amount will be and the bigger the bonus at the end.

The map starts at London before a travel booking has been made. The first booking will take the cause to Rome on our map where they’ll bag a 5% bonus donation. The next supporter to book a trip will send them to Cairo and increase that bonus to 10%. The third takes them to Dubai and ups the bonus to 12%, then it’s Bangkok for a where the bonus grows to 14%, Sydney where it’s upped to 16%, Rio for an increase to 18% before finishing in New York City for the finale and another increase to a 20% bonus donation!

Map destinations – do I have to book a holiday here?

No, not at all. Sure they’re fab places to travel but the world’s your oyster. Whether you want to caravan in Cornwall or cruise the Caribbean, as long as you book with one of our participating retailers (and you’re one of the first seven supporters to book with a participating retailer) you can earn a bonus donation for your cause.

Multiple travel bookings – can I earn bonuses on all my bookings?

Each supporter has the chance to earn one bonus when they book holidays, flights, ferries or accommodation within the allocated time period but they can only earn a bonus on their first trav el booking. Any travel bookings made after that will collect a donation for their cause but it won’t earn a bonus.

Travel retailers – who are they?

There are 182 retailers on board with our Around the World in 7 Donations challenge. We’ve added a little hot air balloon to each of the participating retailers’ logos on our website – the balloon isn’t visible on our app though, so to make sure you check out the full list here to see if they’re eligible if you want a bonus when you book through our app.

Get involved – what do I need to do?

You need to go to the or through the easyfundraising app to book your holiday, flight, ferry or accommodation and choose a retailer from the list of 182 travel retailers. We’ll take you to their website and you can book your trip as usual.

If you’re one of the first seven of your good cause’s supporters to book travel, (you’ll jet them off to the next donation destination on our map and unlock a bonus).

You can only move your cause one step along the map though, so if you’re booking flights and accommodation separately, book the one you’ll earn the biggest donation on first.

You’ll still collect a fantastic donation on all of your bookings though.

Time limits – is there a cut-off date?

Like all good things they must come to an end. Sunday 13th March 2016 is the last day you can earn bonus donations for your cause as part of our Around the World in 7 Donations challenge. But, there will always be big donations up for grabs when you’re booking holidays with easyfundraising. Every cloud has a silver lining!

Donations and bonuses – when do we get them?

Your cause will receive the donations collected on travel after the person who booked it has fulfilled their holiday (they’ve stayed in and fully paid for their hotel, they’ve paid off all of their package holiday been on it etc.). We will pay the bonus once all qualifying transactions have been confirmed by the retailers.

My bonus donation – where can I see this?

The bonus you earn will show up on your cause’s Around the World in 7 Donations page collectively with the other bonuses earned by their supporters.

Because the bonus goes straight to your cause you won’t be able to see it in your personal donation history, but you’ll see the big donation you collected on your travel booking.