Easy Halloween Costumes for Kids

Easy Halloween Costumes For Kids

With Halloween right around the corner, your kids will no doubt have a large number of Halloween parties to attend.

From schools and after school clubs, to community events, parties at friend’s houses and of course, a night of good ol’ fashioned trick or treat; you’ll definitely need an outfit or two.

Below we’ve listed five ideas to help get your creative Halloween juices flowing.

1. Frankenstein’s Monster

Of course, Frankenstein’s monster has been a staple of Halloween for decades, and it’s a simple, yet effective, costume to create. Just get some green face paint, and some black, and paint your little one’s face and hands green, then add a black line across their forehead to give the illusion of stitches, and maybe some black neck bolts for added effect. Then throw on some old torn and tattered clothes and they’re good to go.

2. A Mummy

Possibly one of the easiest costumes to make your children in a last minute Halloween outfit dash. Just head to the nearest pound shop and stock up on as many packets of bandages you can find, then wrap your little one up and they’re good to go. You could even buy a little fake blood for added Halloween effect.

3. Upside Down Person

Be a little different and send your child to their Halloween party upside down. We don’t mean make them walk in on their hands, but you could make it look that way. Get them to wear trousers over their top half, and a shirt on the bottom to make it look like they’re a real upside down person. Don’t forget to cut a hole for their head in the trousers though.

4. Skeleton

Another simple, yet classic, Halloween outfit is the skeleton. Instead of buying a fancy costume, which could set you back a few quid, just grab some plain black clothes and white sticker labels. Then get your little one to dress head to toe in the black, and add the stickers to give the illusions of bones.

5. Flower Pot

Let you child unleash their green fingers, after all, Halloween doesn’t just have to be about being scary of weird. Get a large flower pot from a local retailer, cut the bottom out, add some straps and stick some fake flowers around the inside, and there you have it; a flower pot costume. Just get them to wear black or brown to symbolise the dirt, and your child will be the modern day Bill & Ben.

And there you go, a few handy outfit ideas for you to throw together, if you find yourself making a last minute dash this Halloween.