Festive fundraising gets the pipers piping


“The donations we raised went towards the running costs of the band which can be expensive. We bought full kilt uniforms and instruments for the learners who join the main band” 

Diane Kelday – Kirkwall City Pipe Band

It’s never too late to start raising donations during the festive season. Kirkwall City Pipe Band only signed up last November, by the end of Christmas they’d raised £111! We asked them for the inside scoop, here’s how they did it…

  • Just like a good Christmas dinner, it’s all about the timing. It’s the festive season; they knew that their supporters would be shopping. So they made sure to remind them to do it through easyfundraising.
  • Presents aren’t the only surprises you can get at Christmas. They used the donation reminder themselves when shopping and encouraged their supporters to download it too. As well as raising donations with the usual shops, they did it with ones they didn’t even know were available on easyfundraising.
  • Kirkwall City Pipe Band member Diane even raised at work, she got the donation reminder on her work computer and collected donations while booking travel and buying stationery.
  • With almost 50 band members fundraising’s always a real team effort. They made sure they sent reminders to the band using the ready-made material on the easyfundraising website. It was a simple way to get the whole band involved in fundraising and it only takes a click.

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