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Blog image (26)Funding Neuro is a UK charity, funding research into discovering cures for neurological disorders. The charity is striving to provide the means for accessible, fast and effective treatment for brain related disorders and advance treatments and cures through the use of technology.

At the age of 36, founder Bryn Williams was diagnosed with Parkinson’s, a progressive condition affecting the parts of the brain which control movement. Initially Bryn set out to find the people who could cure him from the disease and started raising the money he needed to help his search. Whilst fundraising for other charities he realised he wanted to set up his own charity to support the people he discovered on his journey.

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Bryn Williams

Not knowing much about the condition before his diagnosis Bryn thought, like many others that this was a condition that affected older people, he soon realised how wrong he was. Tens of thousands of young adults in the UK live with this condition. This inspired him to set up his blog, Wobbly Williams, offering hope and humour to others by raising awareness of young onset Parkinson’s and giving support to other patients who founds themselves lost.

A series of coincidences led Bryn to Professor Steven Gill, a neurosurgeon in Bristol who had developed the Convection-Enhanced Delivery system. This treatment involves implanting micro-catheters in to the brain and delivering drugs to the part of the brain which needs them. Professor Gill’s treatment could be the answer for many neurological conditions. This marked the transition to Funding Neuro, predominantly raising funds to support this treatment.

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Convection-enhanced delivery system

The charity has seed-funded a trial for treating Parkinson’s using the CED system, bringing it to the attention of Parkinson’s UK. This year the main focus for the charity is on delivery of chemotherapy to children with DIPG (Diffuse intrinsic pontine glioma) brain tumours. These tumours are notoriously difficult to treat, and children have on average only 9 months to live from diagnosis. In the past year they’ve raised over £900,000, the amount required to fund this trial.

Funding Neuro rely totally on fundraising and put the donations collected through easyfundraising towards the running costs of the charity. Their ultimate goal is to build a treatment centre to offer treatments of the highest quality, housed within a centre of excellence in training and research.

You can support Funding Neuro by donating through their website, joining their 500+ club or every time you shop online the easyfundraising way. Your support can help ensure that CED treatment becomes available to those who need it and help save lives.