Pioneering website helping people living with chronic illness gain a sense of purpose

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Conscious Crafties is an online marketplace founded in 2015, where creative people living with or affected by a chronic illness or disability can sell their handmade crafts to the public.

Founder Karen Thomas had a vision for Conscious Crafties to be a place where sufferers and carers could showcase their creative talents to help them to regain a sense of purpose, contribute to society and be in control of their futures.

Conscious Crafties currently host over 200 ‘Crafties’ and over 7,000 products. The website is an online community where users find support, encouragement, and advice from fellow members about anything from health matters to how to build a successful business. There are regular ‘Craftie meet ups’ where they enjoy a coffee and a chat, which has proven very popular as living with illness or disability and working as a carer can be very isolating. Crafties are also encouraged to support each other by sharing tips and ideas and regularly share each other’s products on social media.



easyfundraising was chosen by the Conscious Crafties community to raise much-needed funds to keep the site running. Using the good cause cashback site reduces the reliance on investors to fund the project, and asking supporters to put their hand in their own pockets for donations.

Instead, easyfundraising allows supporters to raise donations by doing something they already do every day – online shopping. Over 3,100 shops and sites give a donation for free every time they shop online. The funds raised so far via easyfundraising have been used to support the growing popularity of the website.

Fundraise for Conscious Crafties

Some of the crafts on sale through the site

Karen Thomas said: “The website recently needed to move to a different server, which obviously came at a cost. The money raised through easyfundraising was used in this way to secure the website. Future donations will be put towards our ultimate goal of a cloud server and a mobile phone app.”

Karen is keen to raise as many donations as possible through easyfundraising and has found ways to promote the site to customers and Crafties.

“We regularly advertise easyfundraising in our Community Group, and Crafties are only too keen to sign up and raise funding for the site in this way. We also promote the Donation Reminder tool, which is particularly useful for those chronic illness sufferers. Our Crafties make use of all the tools easyfundraising help us with, displaying them at craft fairs or including them with orders.”

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