UK Funding for Grassroots Sport

Everyone has to start somewhere and for many of our top home-grown athletes and sports stars it was grassroots sports clubs.

But it’s not just our future elite athletes that can benefit from grassroots sport – anyone can take part and so they play a crucial role in keeping our children and communities healthy and active.

Clearly grassroots sports clubs can make all the difference, helping to shape the future of UK sport. So are grassroots sports clubs getting the funding that they desperately need to survive?

Grassroots 1

Visit our article on grassroots funding and UK sport to find more information on current funding numbers in the UK, the effect of the London Olympic Games on grassroots level sport, the big winners and losers when it comes to grassroots funding promised between 2013 and 2017 as well as advice and guidance if you need extra funds for your grassroots sports club.

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