Raise money for elderly causes when you shop online

Life expectancy in Britain has never been higher, and as the population becomes more mobile, more elderly people are finding themselves alone. There are hundreds of elderly causes offering support for people who find themselves less mobile than they would like to be, or who need help understanding modern technology, as well as groups helping to fund community support for people who live on their own.

At easyfundraising we can help you raise more money for elderly causes close to your heart, simply by registering you to receive free donations from big retailers whenever your supporters shop online.

An easy way to fundraise for elderly causes 

If you’re looking for an easy way to raise funds for a cause that provides help, support or advice for the elderly then you’ve come to the right place. Perhaps you’re part of an organisation like a care or nursing home or a group that promotes independence, quality of life or well-being of older people or even a large elderly charity like Age UK. No matter how large or small, or how the cause supports older people, easyfundraising can help you raise donations for free simply by shopping online.


How does easyfundraising work?

How does easyfundraising work? When you register your cause with easyfundraising, you and your supporters can raise donations when you shop online with over 2,700 retailers including Amazon, John Lewis and Argos. Each time you make a purchase with one of our retailers, they will make a donation to your cause as a way of saying thank you for shopping with them. It really is easy! Register now.

Register your elderly cause

All you need to do is follow a few simple steps to register your group or cause with easyfundraising. Once registered, encourage all of your supporters to register to support your cause. Then, every time they shop online with one of our retailers they can raise donations to support your cause. You can use the donations as a boost to your annual fundraising efforts, to fund a trip or activity group or even just buy some new books for your library. Easy!

Register as a support

If you’re looking to fundraise for a cause that helps care for elderly people, register with easyfundraising as a supporter. Whether you want to support a cause that supports older people in your local area, or a group that a friend or relative has direct experience with, we can help! When you register, you’ll be asked to select the cause that you want to raise donations for – simply select your chosen cause and every time you shop, any donations you raise will go towards it. Encourage friends and family to register too and they can raise donations for free too!

Find an elderly charity or causes to support 

Even if you don’t have a specific cause in mind, you can choose a cause for the elderly that’s already registered with us or take a look at our other cause categories.

How easyfundraising works

1. Start at Easyfundraising

When shopping online, go to easyfundraising.org.uk first.

2. Make a purchase

Choose a retailer and click through to their website.

3. Get a donation

You earn money from the retailer for your purchase which can be turned into a donation.

For more information take a look at our video

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