Alopecia UK

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Founded in 2004, Alopecia UK is a small charity supporting people who are suffering from alopecia. Alopecia is the loss of hair that occurs due to a variety of factors, such a stress, and with many different types, Alopecia UK are working to offer support to people with every kind of alopecia. They want to improve the lives of those affected by the condition. Alopecia UK provides advice and support to sufferers of alopecia to help them feel less isolated, learn of ways they can improve their own health and wellbeing, and come to terms with dealing with this life-changing condition. Not only are the effects of alopecia physical, but emotional too, and Alopecia UK aim to create awareness of this, educating people about its psychological impact. Supporting medical and psychological researchers, the charity undergoes extensive research, using the findings and results to develop effective treatments. With many of the charity’s trustees and volunteers having suffered from the condition personally, they can use their experience to help others in the same position. With endless fundraising efforts, Alopecia UK is helping people all across the UK, acting as a friend, supporter and medical advisor for alopecia patients. The physical and mental wellbeing of those patients are at the heart of the charity.

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