Kingsland Millennium Green Trust

Kingsland Millennium Green Trust


• Kingsland Millennium Green is a 1.4 acre site located in the centre of Kingsland, near Leominster, Herefordshire and is the typical green serving the village and anyone passing by who wants to stop, reflect on life’s rich patterns or just admire the view. The field that is now the Millennium Green was bought by the community in 1998 with the aid of grants, gifts, loans and a great many and varied fund-raising events. Hedges were renewed with native plants; three specimen hard wood trees were planted along with traditional apple and nut trees and several hundred wild flower plugs. The redundant buildings were replaced with a children’s play area and an oak open-sided pavilion. A small piece of ground nearest the Church was hedged off and surfaced for car parking. Twelve trustees are responsible for the care of the Green. Funds are raised regularly for our maintenance costs and insurance via a quarterly lottery, sponsorships, many regular donations and intermittent fund raising events The Green can be booked by other village charities for events at no cost but with certain conditions and by private individuals for an agreed fee; recently it was the venue for a wedding reception, the church fete, and carols by lantern light. It cannot be used for commercial gain. A tithe map shows an orchard on the land, and old photographs show fruit trees, now long gone. Standard, widely spaced, apple trees have been planted on a ‘derelict broken grid’ to eventually give the appearance of an ancient orchard, and the area extends to a meadow that runs along side the mown open area. Most recently a copse of woodland trees has been planted in the southern most corner. Apple trees include: Gennet Moyle, Tom Putt, Scotch Bridget, Peasgood Nonsuch, Golden Noble and the Herefordshire varieties of Golden Harvey and King of the Pippins. Many common wild flowers have been recorded including Celandine, Ox-eye or Moon Daisy, Hawkweed, St John’s Wort, Travellers Joy, Yarrow, Hedge Mustard, Scarlet Pimpernel, Violet, Burdock, Medick, Clover, Herb Bennet, Herb Robert, White Briony, Stitch Wort and in the last two seasons an Orchid. Primroses, Narcissus, English Blue Bells and Cowslips were introduced. To learn more about this project go to

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