Safe And Sound Pound Dogs

Safe And Sound Pound Dogs


<br />Safe and Sound is a not-for-profit charitable organisation working to save the lives of unclaimed “poundies” who would otherwise be destroyed. We work to secure rescue placements with established rehoming centres and arrange the safe transportation of dogs from pounds to places of safety. Working in conjunction with local authorities, private boarding kennels and other rescue organisations, Safe and Sound gives death row dogs the chance to be a much loved family pet once again. Our aims: To secure rescue placements with reputable, established rescue organisations for any stray dog at risk of destruction. At some pounds, we have just 7 days to find sanctuary for those dogs at imminent risk. To coordinate and finance the safe transportation of such dogs from council pounds to their rescue placements. We often have to transport dogs hundreds of miles in order to get them to safety. We rely on a dedicated network of transport volunteers, whose fuel costs we must reimburse. To finance essential veterinary treatment for pound dogs refused treatment by other agencies. This includes funding routine vet care for poundies ineligible for local authority funding (e.g. vaccinations) but also funding emergency procedures which cannot wait until a rescue space is found. Where funds allow, we also offer a 'neutering payment' to those rescues able to assist our bullbreed poundies. To fund ‘emergency boarding’ for dogs at imminent risk of death. Not all dogs will be offered a rescue space before their 'put to sleep' date. We fund stays in private boarding kennels to keep these dogs alive until we are able to secure a safe place for them. This may be for a few weeks, while we arrange a transfer to a rehoming rescue. Sometimes, dogs have complex medical or behavioural needs and are not ready for rehoming, so will stay with us for a much longer period. It costs us £200-250 per month to keep a dog in emergency boarding. To offer sanctuary to any former Safe and Sound poundie, who for whatever reason, is unable to remain in the care of the receiving rescue or to return to their rescue following the breakdown of their adoptive home. We commit to our poundies for life, and as such, will welcome them back into our care at any time in the future.<br />

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