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energy providers

Switch energy providers or take out a new policy with any of the retailers listed on this page!

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Raise a donation with Uswitch

Up to £15 donation

Compare gas and electricity prices and lock in a cheaper deal.

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Save and raise when you switch energy providers!

Up to £15 donation

Compare cheap energy prices and suppliers

Up to £15 donation

Helping you get a better deal on your gas & electricity

Up to £20 donation

Raise a £20 donation when you switch your gas & electricity to British Gas

Up to 10% donation

Whether you're a smart home newbie or looking to build your ecosystem, learn how Hive can help bring your home to life.

Up to £2.50 donation
The UK's No1 heating oil provider! Save on your heating oil today
Up to £15 donation

Rated 5 stars for customer service from 18,826 reviews

Up to £25 donation

Looking for simple and reliable energy? EDF Energy has been voted best of the big six for online experience

Up to £10 donation

Bulb offers an alternative energy solution based on 100% renewable electricity, and 10% green gas

Up to £20 donation

Get an Amazon.co.uk Gift Card worth up to £75** when you switch your broadband - ends 9th March

Up to £43 donation
Join the winds of change with ScottishPower. 100% renewable electricity.
Up to a £15 donation

Be part of a million-strong collective getting more from their energy

Donation increased to £7.70
Look after my bills copy be changed to Auto-switch and save up to £450 per year!
Up to £18 donation

Switchcraft keeps you on a great energy deal. Forever

Up to £7.50 donation
PAYG energy products that work around you and your life.
Up to £9 donation
Get the cheapest energy deal, forever with Switchd.
Up to 0.5% donation
Nationwide care plans for your boiler, heating & home.

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