Fundraising Ideas for Children’s Charities

A child in need is one of the most compelling reasons to start fundraising. That’s why children’s charities feature strongly amongst easyfundraising’s registered causes. Some of the biggest children’s charities are already registered, so you could start fundraising straight away for great causes like Great Ormond Street Hospital, The Rainbow Trust, or Childline. Alternatively, you could choose to raise money for a local children’s charity, or even register a new cause that’s close to your heart.

Whoever you choose to support, we’re here to help, with winning fundraising ideas, and hints and tips on how to make a success of your events and challenges. With so many people in our online community fundraising for children’s charities, there’s a wealth of experience right here on easyfundraising. Scroll down for inspiration, and get started on a new project today!


Throw a Party!

If you love a glamorous night out, why not hold a black tie ball? Make it the highlight of your fundraising calendar, with plenty of build up and excitement. As well as charging for tickets, a big event like this is the perfect time to hold a raffle, or an auction, with prizes donated by local businesses, or the charity’s main sponsors. You could even give awards to the most inspiring children the charity has helped, or to the mums, schools, or medical teams who’ve gone above and beyond to help a child on their journey. Hearing personal stories always helps motivate donors to raise more for your cause, so tell your story loud and clear at the event of the year!


Take on a Challenge

There is nothing like a children’s charity to pull on heart strings, so if you’re fundraising for a children’s cause, now is the perfect time to run that marathon, climb that mountain, or just get all your hair shaved off to raise more money for the kids who need it. Give your audience regular updates as you train, or get close to your challenge date. Letting them know exactly what their money is achieving, with real examples of the children they’re helping, creates a powerful message that people will want to share and support.

Get Baking

It may be the oldest tool in the box, but a bake sale always goes down well, and if you can get the children involved too, it’s a double win. Children love to bake and ice cakes, and they drive a hard bargain with their customers, especially when the cause is close to their hearts. Give this one a competitive edge, with a prize for the best cake, and run a silent auction for one lucky winner to take it home for tea. Kids love to decorate cookies to, so why not set up a side stall to keep the children happy while the adults buy tea and coffee to go with their cake?


Hold a Jumble Sale

Children love a bring-and-buy, and they can be incredibly thrifty too! Get the children to dig out unwanted toys, and organise their parents to donate clothes, household items and giftware. Then stage a garage sale, or sign up to a car boot sale with the kids in charge of striking the deals. No one can resist!


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