Organise a Quiz Night

We challenge anyone not to love a good quiz night! Whether it’s a PTA night, a sports club event, or just a few friends down the pub, pitting your general knowledge against another team’s is always engrossing, and often hilarious. Plus, quiz night fundraising is one of the best ways to raise a regular amount of money for your favourite cause. You can run a quiz night for a special date, or fundraising goal, do it monthly, or even make it a weekly fixture.


Fundraise for charity with a Quiz Night

The best way to get everyone talking about a great cause is a quiz night. Many take to their local pub for the chance to win a free pint or two. Why not use this as an opportunity to raise cash and awareness for a charity you care about?

They’re simple to organise and lots of fun. Follow these simple steps and arrange a quiz night your neighbours won’t forget in a hurry.


Pick your quiz

First up, what type of quiz are you thinking of hosting? Consider your target audience (children, teen, 60+?) and tailor your questions accordingly. If there’s a special occasion coming up like Halloween or Christmas, there’s no harm jumping on the back of it and making it a themed quiz night.

Then consider how you’ll organise it. Will there be special rounds, timed rounds, picture rounds? Get entrants thinking with the trickiest questions, and ensure there’ll be more than enough quiz sheets to go around.

Eyes on the prize

The hardest part of planning a quiz is securing the perfect venue (your local will work just fine). Once this is a certainty and a date is in place, you can then set a ticket price and start to promote your quiz.

As a means of encouraging people to participate, try to get your hands on an excellent prize. Be that by speaking to local business owners and persuading them to do their bit for charity, or using a fraction of what you raise to cover the costs; prizes are the perfect incentive to get everybody involved.

Spread the word!

With everything set in place, all that’s left to do is spread the word. Speak to friends, family, neighbours, local press; create posters and publicise your quiz as much as possible through social media. Every little helps, and we’ve no doubt your quiz will be lots of fun!


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