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Eloise shares why she loves easyfundraising...

One way to earn cashback sooner is by encouraging family and friends to use easyfundraising too. Eloise did just that, and it's making saving for Dance College that little bit easier.

How easyfundraising works

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Register yourself for free, then encourage your family and friends to sign up to support you.

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Shop as normal

When shopping online, family and friends need to go to the easyfundraising website or app first, then they can shop as normal with over 6,000 retailers.

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Collect free donations

When your friends and family buy something, the retailer sends you a donation at no extra cost to say 'thank you' for shopping with them.

There's over 6,000 online stores to shop with

Your family and friends everyday favourite brands are ready to give you a donation to say 'thank you' for shopping with them

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