Sure win PTA fundraising ideas

Most schools have a Parent Teacher Association (PTA) whose role it is to encourage closer ties between the home and school. PTAs are well known for their fundraising work, but they also serve a useful social function too by creating events that provide an opportunity for parents, staff and pupils to get together.

There are lots of great PTA fundraising ideas, but usually the simplest, most fun and innovative ideas usually work the best.


Join websites that support your Cause.

A fantastic way to raise funds for the school is by joining sites that support a cause. is a completely free service that allows charities, schools, organisations or causes to register and once registered can start to earn donations and raising funds through purchases that would normally be made online. Teachers, pupils or parents can simply sign into their Easy Fundraising account and then make purchases at their favourite online retailers, which in turn will raise funds for their specific cause.

At, you can even earn extra donations by using the search facility to carry out online searches and earn donations.




There are many other ways that the PTA can raise funds. One such means is by holding a number of auctions. These can help generate funds for the PTA, be themed and just about include anything. There are also social activities such as sports events, music or dance competitions and quizzes that can get the whole school involved. Children can also create and design their own cards and the school could even hold a bazaar event and invite the local community and businesses to take part in the fundraising activity.


Another idea for fundraising is recycling. Many pupils, teachers, parents and even local businesses will have a number of disused or redundant mobile phones that recycled can generate a significant contribution to the fundraising total. The PTA can help organise this and invite as many people as possible to participate and donate their old phones to the school.


Team Work

As long as there is teamwork and dedicated commitment throughout the school, the PTA can come up with many fundraising ideas that can help the school and their children and provides a great way to quickly raise funds and donations from the local community.


You can raise money by simply shopping online!

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