School Fundraisers

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School Fundraising while you shop.

Budget cuts are being made all over the country. Sadly these cuts are affecting education drastically and schools simply do not have the money for all the different educational and extra-curricular activities that they used to. That is why schools are turning more and more to fundraisers to help raise the money needed.


School Fundraising program

Fundraising programs usually and traditionally involved having the pupils at the school sell products to help the school or a specific extra-curricular activity. Fundraising is a great way to procure new computers, instruments or anything else your school may need that there simply isn’t enough money for in the budget.

A new school fundraising idea is through easy fundraising. Register with and send out a newsletter or email to students and parents asking them to sign up to the site. The service is completely free to use and the school will start to receive donations and raise funds every time a purchase is made.

Selling products people want

Generally speaking the key to successful school fundraising is to sell a product that the students in the school will be interested in selling (or buying). If they are excited about selling the product or service then they are much more likely to be invested in what they are doing and this will lead to much better results in the long run. It is also sometimes a good idea to offer some kind of reward to the student that has the best results in the fundraiser to give them some kind of incentive to try their best and get the most sales possible.


Coupon and discount books

Another proven fundraising idea is to sell a coupon book that is full of discounts and other offers from local businesses in the area. The school will usually receive all of the proceeds from the sales of the voucher books.

Sign up your school.

Sign your school up to easy fundraising and start earning donations and raising funds for your school activities today by doing nothing other than simply shopping online as you usually would. You can even earn donations by switching to some services, participating in free trails and even searching.


You can raise money by simply shopping online!

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