Missing a donation?
We can help.

If you notice a donation that you were expecting hasn’t appeared in your donation summary you can submit a missing donation form so we can track it down for you.

Report a missing donation

When to report a missing donation

  • The donation hasn’t shown up in your account. You are able to do this straight after you have shopped so you don't have to keep checking back. We will review your enquiry after 14 days and investigate with the retailer
Report a missing donation

Top ways to make sure your donations track:

  1. Activate your donation each time you shop - ensure you click through to the retailer from the easyfundraising website, App or activate your Donation Reminder.
  2. Check the terms of the retailer - you can review the terms for each retailer on our website.
  3. Only use easyfundraising voucher codes – we would recommend only using voucher codes you find on our site to avoid any of your donations being declined by the retailer.
  4. Don't use a private or incognito browser window - if you use a private or incognito browser window, it can stop some of the tracking that we use from working.
  5. Complete your shopping online - If you have a problem with your purchase online and have to call the retailer to complete the sale, this can invalidate your claim, meaning you won't get a donation.
  6. In your browser, are your cookies enabled and pop-up blockers/ad-blockers disabled? If not, you will need to amend the settings so that your visit can be tracked to the retailer and your donation can be added to your account summary.

Key information you’ll need when you submit a claim:

  • Order Number
  • Amount spent
  • What you bought
Report a missing donation

Once you’ve reported a claim

Our investigations could take an average of 1-3 months from the date the claim is submitted but we will keep you updated.

Report a missing donation

Other useful tips

  • When shopping with Amazon, make sure you have emptied your basket before making a purchase.
  • When you're buying insurance, make sure you create a new quote and go ahead with buying the insurance, all in one go.
  • If you're buying multiple insurance policies or mobile phone contracts, buy each one separately – this way you get a donation for each (unless in their terms they only offer one donation per customer).
  • If you cancel or return your order, you won’t get a donation.
  • If you’ve pre-booked any travel or holidays your donation will be added once you’ve been on holiday.

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