Available Donations

  • Dual Card - Accepted Aplications £11.50*

About AA Credit Card

AA Financial Services are re-launching their credit card products with a new partner and will be offering a range of new credit cards starting from July 2015. The AA has been offering credit cards for over 20 years and will now be working with the provider Bank of Ireland (UK) plc.

Terms and conditions

*Please note, donations are only paid when an application is accepted online. If an application is referred for further checks before being accepted, unfortunately this will not generate a donation. Donations apply when a card is activated and a customer has spent or made a balance transfer on the card ** To qualify for this offer you must:
• have applied for your Dual or Low Rate Credit Card account on or after 15 December 2016
• Spend £500 or more within 60 days of account opening
• make your minimum payments on time
• not exceed your credit limit
• have not given us notice to withdraw or to close your account at the time the cashback refund is due

Only one cashback offer is available per account.
Only one donation will be paid per household