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Top deals with Selfridges

Save money and get free donations! Right now Selfridges and Co has these great deals for easyfundraising shoppers. Just click through to Selfridges and Co using the buttons below, to make sure your donations are tracked when you shop.

Selfridges & Co

Find the perfect match and explore the latest collections from Saint Laurent, Gucci and Mulberry at Selfridges. 

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Beauty Exclusives

Just Landed: Be the first to get your hands on the latest and greatest beauty collections from Mac, Charlotte Tilbury and more.

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From luxury Charbonnel et Walker truffles to Godiva chocolate box selections, treat someone special this Valentine’s at Selfridges. 

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Treat your loved ones (or yourself?) to a fresh new fragrance this Valentine’s from Gucci, Creed and more at Selfridges. 

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New In Make up

Explore the latest collections from your favourite beauty brands including Mac, Giorgio Armani and more at Selfridges. 

Selfridges+ subscription service

Make your life easy with Selfridges+ and enjoy unlimited deliveries for 12 months with our handy subscription service, wherever you are in the world

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Selfridges is a shop run on imagination: a place where the world’s most covetable brands combine with the most extraordinary spectacles, events and ideas for an experience like no other. Discover the latest arrivals, exclusive product launches and fashion inspiration today.
With a complimentary Click & Collect service, you can now place your order until 10pm and collect it the next day from your chosen Selfridges store.

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