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Sky Digital is the premier digital TV provider in the UK and offers leading coverage of sports, movies and top entertainment programmes to over 10 million subscribers. Sky also offers fantastic Home Phone and Broadband packages.

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*Donations apply to new customer sales bought online only and are not applicable for new customers taking free 12 month phone line rental.

These offers are not available direct through Sky or through the call centres or retailers. Sky will be unable to assist you with any queries relating to your easyfundraising donations.

In certain cases you may not be able to complete your Sky subscription online, so before counting on any donation, please check that their sign up process will work for you. This will only track if it is completed online, from start to finish.

Ex Sky customers cannot purchase online.
People who live in flats of 6 or more cannot purchase online
Pubs/clubs etc cannot purchase online.

Domestic customers only.

Sky’s Customer service does not handle donation queries. Any query about your donation should go through easyfundraising.
Donations are not available direct through Sky or through their call centres or retailers. Sky customer service will be unable to assist you with any queries relating to your donation.
Donations are only available to residential customers who sign-up/upgrade online from start to finish and automatically processed. Minimum 12 month subscription applies to Sky TV or Sky Broadband.
To be eligible to for the new customer donations, fundraisers must not have been a Sky customer for the last 12 months.
Donations only payable to new residential fundraisers. Fundraisers living in a block of 4 or more flats and/or any installation made by a specialist team and not Sky will not be eligible for a donation.
'Connect' broadband is not eligible for a donation.
Donations are not available to fundraisers if an exclusive voucher codes/coupon, staff discount or any introduce a friend offers have been used.
If there is a delay with your order for any reason Sky cannot guarantee that your donation will be paid. Should your order not automatically processed, requiring you to get in touch with Sky Call centre and/or should the agent inform you that the order needs to be cancelled or re processed please do this via easyfundraising.
Sky TV prices will change on 1st June. In accordance with our standard terms, your Sky TV package may rise by up to 10% in a minimum contract term.