Vodafone Free Sim Card Offer

Raise up to £1.50

Free sim offer from Vodafone. Whether you're switching to the Vodafone network or just reactivating an old phone, fill in a quick 30 second form and Vodafone will send you a new sim card - absolutely free! Plus you'll also raise £1.50 for your cause when you top up £10 for the first time. Also available in a Micro SIM.

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Terms and conditions

* Donation is only available on FIRST £10 top up (top up must be made within 2 weeks of receiving the Sim for donation to apply)

Vodafone do not supply voucher codes alongside donations nor are donations available in conjunction with any half price offers. Unless otherwise specified, donations will be declined if a code is used or a half price offer taken. *Please note, purchases made via your mobile or tablet will not generate a donation. Please use your computer to ensure your cause benefits.