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Frequently asked questions about registration

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How much of the donation does my good cause receive?

Your cause will receive 100% of the donation shown on the website. Sometimes retailers have different levels of donation depending on what you buy so to make sure you know exactly how much you'll raise, we clearly display the donation amounts on each retailer page.

How do easyfundraising make money?

We receive a bonus payment from our retailers when we send traffic to them. We use this to invest in new technologies to help you raise more, plus of course we have to pay for other important elements of the business such as our wonderful customer support team. We don't hide the fact that as well as doing great good, we are also a profitable organisation.

My donation still does not appear after 30 days

If it's been 30 days and your donation hasn't appeared, don't worry. Just complete a Missing Donation form and we'll investigate for you. While we're looking into it, we'll credit the donation to your account ourselves, so your cause doesn't miss out.

How do I change my personal details?

Login using your username / password, then select 'Settings' from the 'Account' menu in the top login bar.

Why does my donation show as 'reversed'?

This information is provided directly from the retailer and means that your order has been cancelled or rejected. If this isn't right, just contact us and we'll look into it for you.

Can I support more than one cause?

Yes of course you can. Just login as normal before you start to shop, then go to the 'Account' menu and select 'Settings' to select which cause will benefit from your purchase.

How does the Free Funds section work?

It's simple. We've found several retailers who will pay donations just for trialing their service. If you then cancel your subscription before a charged period commences, your donation will still stand. There are also several other retailers who will pay donations if you switch an existing service to them, such as credit cards or phone & broadband services. This again means you pay nothing extra for your donation to apply, and it's also very likely your new provider can reduce your costs and save you money.

How does it work if I already have an account with a retailer?

If you already have an account with a retailer, for example, you are already registered with eBay or you have an existing business account with Staples, as long as you use the links on our site to access the retailer site, your donation will still be paid. However, we do suggest that you make a small purchase with them first, just to make sure.

My favourite cause is not listed

That's not a problem - just let us know and we'll send them an invitation to join us.

How does the retailer know who to pay?

Every member who registers is automatically allocated a 'UID' - Unique ID Number which we pass to the retailers when you visit them. If you make a purchase, this Unique ID Number is returned back to us and we use that to tie the donation to you and your cause.

Can anyone see what I have purchased?

No one (other than the retailer you purchased the item through) can see what you have purchased. The administrator of the cause you support can see a list of retailers that have been visited in order to raise funds for the cause, but they cannot see which of the supporters visited the site or what was purchased.

Where's my donation?

Donations can take up to 30 days to appear in your easyfundraising account. If it's been more than 30 days and your donation hasn't appeared, there are a number of reasons why this could be:

  • You weren't logged in to easyfundraising when you made your purchase or you visited the retailer via another website - to pass on a donation to your cause, our retailers need to be able to see that your order came via easyfundraising
  • You used a voucher code that's not listed on easyfundraising
  • You had more than one browser window open for the retailer when you made your purchase
  • You may have an antivirus, cookie or advert blocker installed on your PC which can occasionally prevent orders tracking correctly - to check this please visit http://www.easyfundraising.org.uk/settings_check

There may be other reasons too so if this doesn't answer your question, please do feel free to get in touch and we'll be happy to help.

Please also remember you need to visit the retailer's site via easyfundraising every time you visit a retailer for every purchase you make.

Note that it can take a retailer up to 30 days to confirm a donation.

There may be other reasons in addition to the above however these are the main causes for missing or declined donations. If you require any further information or assistance please contact us

How do I claim Gift Aid?

Simply tick the Gift Aid box and complete the relevant fields. Every quarter we will provide your cause (if they are a registered charity) with the information they need to make a claim from HMRC.

How do I ensure a donation is received?

Firstly we would suggest that you visit a retailer via one of the links and then check that we have recorded your visit in your Visited Retailers list. When shopping it is good practice to have only one browsing window open and this must be from your easyfundraising account. Also your shopping basket should be empty when you visit the retailer's website. Finally you can run our Settings Checker to ensure that we are tracking your purchases correctly.

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