Everyone you know can help you fundraise for free!

More supporters = more shoppers = more donations! 

Don't fundraise alone, ask everyone you know to shop and raise you via easyfundraising - as it's free, how could they say no? We've put together this resource to help you recruit, so put the kettle on, have a read of this page and get recruiting those supporters!

More Supporters = More Donations!

Follow these simple steps to encourage family and friends to help you raise FOR FREE!

This handy pack of tools contains ready made emails, social messages and handouts

1. Get your promotional tools

Get your handy pack of tools below, containing ready made emails, social messages and handouts.

Your cause link is available via the link below, copy and paste that into your tools...

2. Add your cause link

Copy and paste your cause link it into your tools, find out how below...

....give out the handouts, send the email and share on social media to everyone you know!

3. Get sharing

....give out the handouts, send the email and share on social media to recruit those supporters!

Listen to how Emily Robins has raised with the help of her family and friends:

Emily Robins has raised over £1,200 with easyfundraising

Top tips to help you get more support!

how to: cause page
Build a great cause page

It's the first thing supporters see when looking to support you - follow our advice on how to make yours stand out!

Learn more
tell friends and family
Get your tools

Use this handy toolkit to tell all your friends and family that they can support you when they shop!

Download now
get your unique cause link
Get your unique cause link

Once you have your tools, add your unique cause link - find yours by scrolling down on this page (you'll need to log in)

Get your link
Get support from a business

Parents' place of work or local businesses you know could raise for you on the things they buy too 

How to approach businesses
refer and raise
Refer and earn

You can get bonus donations by referring people you know to support you on easyfundraising! 

Find out more
promote your raising
Promote your raising

Keep everyone you know informed of your fundraising using some of these resources on the easyfundraising site

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Set up a whatsapp group

Set up a group with family and friends in, keep them posted on how you are doing and remind them to shop in support

Get whatsapp
Monthly fundraising planner

Don't miss out on donations each month - use this handy planner to plan your promotion of key shopping events

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Your supporters can raise as they buy almost anything online!

There are over 3,300 retailers your supporters can shop with - make sure they know that they don't need to change where they shop to support you.

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