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Some retailers make FREE donations just for switching to their service, participating in free trials or even simply registering on their site.

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  • Raise £2 For Your Cause When You Register For 30 Day Free Trial Membership. *Limited to one donation per supporter, new customers only.

    £2.00 Donation

  • Raise £7 for your cause when you successfully fully complete one sync. *Donation is generated for one full and completed sync of at least one account only. Additional accounts will not generate a donation. Limited to one donation per supporter

    £7.00 Donation

  • Sign up for a £1 trial and raise 35p *Limited to one donation per supporter

    £0.25 Donation

  • Raise a £2 donation for Your Cause When You Book A Free Eye Test  + 10% Off Frames *Limited To One Donation Per Supporter. A Free Eye Test Must Be Booked And  Attended For A Donation To Apply      

    £2.00 Donation

  • Recycle Your Handset And Raise 0.30p For Your Cause *Donations Do Not Apply To Zero Value Handsets

    £0.30 Donation

  • Raise £1.75 For Your Cause (New Customers), £0.75  (Returning Customers) When you Recycle Your Mobile

    £1.75 Donation

  • Trial Which? for £1.00 for 1 month and raise £2.50 for your cause! *Limited to one donation per supporter

    £2.31 Donation

  • Recycle Your Mobile, Games Consoles, Tablets, iPads, iPods and Laptops and Raise £1.75 For Your Cause.

    £1.75 Donation

  • Order A FREE Sim And Raise £0.25 For Your Cause! *1 SIM per order; limit of one order per household.

    £0.25 Donation

  • Get a 30 Day Trial at Credit Expert - Need help improving your credit score? A 30 day CreditExpert trial offers expert advice on improving your financial situation.  *Monthly fee applies after free trial, new customers only. Free trial period starts on registration — further ID verification may be required to access full service which may take up to 5 days.  

    £2.50 Donation

  • Raise 50p For Your Cause When You Sign Up To Swooosh! *Limited To One Donation Per Supporter.

    £0.50 Donation

  • Raise a 70p donation when you register and confirm your email address with My Survey UK *Limited to one donation per supporter

    £0.70 Donation

  • Raise 30p For Your Cause When You Sign Up And Register to Receive Newsletters *Limited to one donation per supporter, *T&C’s apply. Please see full terms of use on the bespoke offers website

    £0.30 Donation

  • Raise 42p When You Subscribe To The Shining Hope Foundation Newsletter, Enter The Online Competition And  Have A Chance To Win A Skype Conversation With Matthieu Ricard! *Limited To One Donation Per Supporter  

    £0.42 Donation

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