School fundraising ideas

If your school is looking for ways to raise funds for a special event, trip, or excursion, there are lots of ways to make this a fun endeavour. Below are some school fundraising ideas and tips to ensure that your campaign is successful.

Handmade Goods

One way to increase the margin of your school fundraiser is to sell home or handmade gifts. For example, you could sell baked goods such as cakes, crafts or any other hand or homemade items. Get the school children involved and make it a project. Have the students create art works and put them up for auction. Handmade goods will result in lots of donations and funds relative to what will be spent making the items.

Leverage An Established Fundraising Company

Some of the most successful school fundraising ideas include working with established fundraising programs. is a free service that gives schools and charitable causes the ability to raise funds and donations through online shopping. All that you need to do is register your cause and then get users who are committed and want to support the school to sign up and start earning through shopping online direct with retailers using the links on the easy fundraising website. This is great for year round fundraising because it requires nothing really other than making purchases from online retailers, which they would normally do anyway. In some cases, you can earn up to 15% of your purchase as a donation to your school. Retailers like Amazon and are included as are service based companies.


Another of the great school fundraising ideas is to hold an auction. Families, teachers and local businesses can all donate items towards a silent or live auction at the school. Donations can include material items, gift certificates, art or jewellery. With quality items for auction, they can be a fun and profitable way to raise money and celebrate your school.


Similar to an auction, a raffle also is one way to bring in lots of money. This will also have a high margin for the items that are donated, because they are essentially provided at no cost to the school but may collectively be worth a great deal of money and contribution to the school.

As you can see, there are many ways to raise money in schools. Involving the children in this effort will help them learn about business and ways to raise funds for good causes.

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