“We're really glad we joined easyfundraising - parents like the scheme as they raise funds for our school without having to spend extra money themselves!”

Emma Marshman - St Vincent's Primary School PTA, Knutsford

Emma Marshman - St Vincent's Primary School PTA, Knutsford
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    MAY 2010


    We joined easyfundraising in May 2010 after reading about it in a newspaper article. For the next year, it was used by a couple of people and we raised £7.

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    SEPTEMBER 2011

    Flyers in children’s book bags

    We started promoting easyfundraising at the beginning of the school year and soon saw our number of members and donations rise! We put easyfundraising flyers into children's book bags and put up posters that we downloaded from the easyfundraising website. We asked the school to come up with a target item that they would like to buy and we gave weekly updates in the school newsletter.

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    DECEMBER 2011

    Christmas gift ideas

    By Christmas, we had 30 members who had raised £125 - enough to buy the school a new CD player. In our newsletters we highlighted Christmas gift retailers offering good donations. We also promoted easysearch, which is another great way to raise funds. We raise 0.5p every time a supporter searches the web with easysearch instead of Google or their usual search engine.

    We’ve raised over £15 with just 3 people using it so far.

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    SEPTEMBER 2012

    Target new parents

    We continued to publicise easyfundraising and our school targets by mentioning them in our school newsletters and monthly PTA newsletters. We also gave out more flyers to ensure parents of reception children would understand easyfundraising and sign up.

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    JANUARY 2013

    Refer another good cause

    We mentioned easyfundraising to a local football club and they wanted to sign up too. Because we referred them, we now also get 20% of the value of the donations they receive in their first year which is a great bonus! We also started sharing posts from easyfundraising on our PTA facebook page, which helps to remind our parents to use easyfundraising and to publicise our latest target.

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    The Future

    We've got 66 members and have raised over £1,000 so far. Some of our supporters have raised over £100 each which is just fantastic! We have bought the school a CD player, a set of digital cameras, some football kits, bird watching equipment and some IT software. We plan to continue to promote easyfundraising in newsletters and flyers and want to promote the things you can buy that can raise large donations like insurance and travel bookings.

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