Raise 5x more with the Donation Reminder

It's easy to raise more with the the Donation Reminder. It tells you when a donation is available when you're shopping online. People who have downloaded it raise 5 times more as they never miss out on valuable donations!

  • Raise 5 times more

    People who install it raise 5 times more

  • 82k downloads so far

    82,000 people have downloaded it so far

  • Free to use

    It's free to download and use

  • Ad free

    No annoying ads to deal with

Here's how it works

  • Browse the web

    1. Browse the web

    Install the toolbar and browse the web normally

  • Get a reminder

    2. Get a reminder

    A yellow notification will appear when you visit a partner retailer’s website

  • Activate Donations

    3. Activate Donations

    When you click ‘Activate donation’ and make a purchase, the retailer will make a donation

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Frequently asked questions

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How does it work?

Remembering to raise free funds is even easier with the easyfundraising Donation Reminder. It tells you when a donation is available while you shop online. Just click the small reminder that appears directly on the retailer's website. By clicking the reminder, you'll start collecting donations from the eligible purchases you go on to make. It really is that simple.

How can I get it?

Just visit the easyfundraising Donation Reminder page to begin. It's really simple and only takes a couple of minutes, anyone could do it! Plus, it's completely FREE for all easyfundraising supporters!

Is it safe?

Yes. Security is a big concern for everyone, which is why it's been meticulously built and tested by ourselves. You can get it directly from us so there's nothing to worry about.

Are there any adverts?

No, the easyfundraising Donation Reminder is 100% ad-free.

Does it save my card details?

No. In fact no personal or payment details are recorded. It simply tells the retailer you came from easyfundraising. When the retailer processes your order they recognise you came from easyfundraising and credit your easyfundraising account with a donation.

Can I use it on my mobile or tablet?

Unfortunately, the easyfundraising Donation Reminder can only be used on a computer. It's currently unavailable on your tablet, iPad or mobile.

How come it's Free?

It's completely free and designed to help Charities, Good Causes and Supporters like you. We love the support you give, and feel it's the least we could do to help. Good Causes are delighted with it and can't wait to see their donations increase as a result of less free donations getting missed. So everyone benefits, the perfect result!

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