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Date - (xxx)

Online Shoppers Help (cause name) Hit Fundraising High

Supporters of (cause name) have helped the (place name) organisation raise (£xx) simply by shopping online.

(cause name) signed up with fundraising website easyfundraising to raise money to buy (insert what you are raising funds for) and hasn’t looked back since.

By using easyfundraising to access over 3000 well known retailers, savvy shoppers generate a free donation for the good cause of their choice. 

Supporters of (cause name) have been using the site since (date) and (organisation spokesperson) says the group are thrilled with their efforts:

“Our supporters clearly love to shop!  We asked them to log on to our fundraising page and start shopping - and shop they did!  As well as raising funds for us, easyfundraising gives our supporters access to hundreds of money saving offers, discounts, vouchers and free delivery codes  - so everyone wins!”

And with British shoppers set to spend billions online this year alone, (organisation spokesperson) is keen for more people to sign up:

“Although we’ve reached this particular target, we will continue to use easyfundraising as it is such a simple, effective way to raise money. It’s completely free to use and purchases don’t cost anything extra so there really is nothing to lose.  By using easyfundraising whenever they need to shop online, people can help us reach our next goal.”

Featuring high street names such as Amazon, M&S, Argos and Tesco and many more, easyfundraising has already raised helped UK charities raise almost £4 million.

To support (cause name), visit http://www.easyfundraising.org.uk/causes/(cause uri)/ and follow the on-screen instructions.


For further information on (cause name) contact (organisation spokesperson) on (contact details)

For further information on easyfundraising contact support@easyfundraising.org.uk

Notes to Editor

Founded in 2003, easyfundraising is the UK’s number one charity shopping site (source: alexa)

Free to use service for both supporters and causes.

Charities, associations, schools, sports clubs, churches, community groups, sponsored events, boys and girls clubs can all benefit from using easyfundraising.

Unlike other loyalty and reward sites, there is no direct benefit to the users themselves; donations are made directly to the causes members choose to support.



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